What makes Battlefield 3 so popular?

The challenging combat game Battlefield 3 has been admired by most gaming fans. This first person shooter game has successfully managed to captivate the players for hours. People of all ages are known to play this game. The game play includes a planned teamwork, paying attention to maps, handling various vehicles designated for war etc. All these factors contribute to the excitement of the game. To sum up it is not simply about recreation. There are various elements in game that will keep you on the edge of the seat.

Battlefield 3 further enhances the game play experience with its visually stunning graphics, sensational locations, variety of weapons several places to explore like tunnels, roads, hills, grass and buildings. If you pay attention to the Battlefield 3 system requirements you will be able to get the most out of the game. As already mentioned Battlefield 3 is enjoyed best when you play as a team. Therefore you ought to ensure you know the yardstick about the ideal battlefield 3 servers configuration. So how is Battlefield 3 different from the other shooting games? Let us take a look:

  1. Most shooting games require team to be split into two teams competing with each other. In Battlefield 3 the gamers are divided into squads.
  2. One person who will be the commander of the operation will oversee and dictate the terms of the mission. Yes each squad will necessarily have a commander.
  3. Squad members require following the orders of the commander in regard to the artillery strike and deciding when to break loose.
  4. You always need to build strategies to outsmart the members of the other squads. This is something unique and very well appreciated by the gaming fraternity.

Owing to its immense popularity Battlefield 3 is servers are being provided by almost all the game server providers. You can read and learn more about them from the reviews present at various sites. Also the game is available for playing in all the available gaming consoles that gives you increased flexibility.  If you have not yet played Battlefield 3 try it for once. You will definitely become addicted to it. Take your knowledge about BF3 game server to the next level with the highly informative company Fragnet Networks AB.


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